Video Keno

Do you love the anticipation of playing keno at your favorite bar or convenience store?

At Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel, you can have all the fun of playing in-person keno, and you get to do it in a fast-paced video keno setting. Our video keno slots are always a popular place in the casino, so come test your luck in this exciting lottery-style game!

How to Play Keno

New to keno and want to know the basics before you start?

Don’t worry – keno is an extremely simple game to learn. New players can pick up the game with just a simple introduction, while more experienced players like to get deep into strategy, thinking about how they can be most likely to win big!

Keno is a game of numbers somewhat reminiscent of playing the lottery. The game is based on play cards that generally have the numbers 1 to 80 on them. For each round, players choose anywhere from one to 20 numbers on the card. The odds and payouts change based on how many numbers you choose, so here is where a lot of the strategy comes into play.

After the players choose their numbers, it’s time for the winners to be revealed! Some live games still feature numbered balls like those seen in the lottery, but many use random number generators. If you’ve chosen the right numbers, you’re a winner!

Video keno works just like any other keno game, but it can be played much faster because the machine doesn’t have to wait for a bar full of players to submit their numbers.