Video Poker Games

At Turtle Creek Casino

Grab a drink, settle in to a console and test your luck!

Video poker is often thought of as a game reserved for online casinos, but playing these enticing versions of poker on the lively casino floor brings a whole new level of excitement to the game. For those not familiar with video poker games, they’re actually quite a bit different than poker at a casino table. Many of the skills and strategies that are important when playing poker at a table, such as bluffing, raising, calling and sandbagging, have no place at the video poker “table.” While the hand rankings are very similar, players know ahead of time how each hand will pay out – so while you still need to get the best hand possible, there isn’t concern over what other players have in their hands.

Our Video Poker Games

The video poker room at Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel is home to a variety of standard and action video poker games that will fill your day with fun!

Standard Video Poker Games Available

Plus, enjoy Triple Bonus Poker and many more of your favorite standard poker titles on our 
Game King® cabinets!

IGT Action Video Poker Games Available

Plus enjoy Quick Quads Poker® and more!