Mystery Wednesdays

Join us on Wednesdays in June, July, & August!



6:00 PM – Midnight

5 | 12 | 19 | 26

3 | 10 | 17 | 24 | 31

7 | 14 | 21 | 28

How to Win

Guests will be randomly selected.

Bonus Games

Optional Draw Bonus
For 15 minutes, each player may discard one of their first two cards and draw another to try to improve their hand.  Otherwise the game operates as normal.  Players may split. 

Dealers “21” Push
For 15 minutes, all drawn to (21’s) will be an automatic push for all the players’ hands.  This does not include a dealer’s blackjack.

Deuces Wild
For 15 minutes, any two is wild and may be used by the player to substitute any other value card of their choosing.  Usually the card is made into an “ace” or an “eleven”.  

Best-Ball Blackjack
For 15 minutes, the best player two card hand will automatically be the value of each player’s hand at the table.  If all hands are below “17”, the hand will be declared dead and is not counted as one of the rounds.  The dealer will complete their hand as normal.  However, players will only receive two cards and will not be allowed any options except to stay.  This is a one table promotion only. 

Optional re-Draw on any Ten-Six
For 15 minutes, Any player receiving a ten or a six will have the option to discard one card and receive one re-draw cards.

Optional Re-Draw on Black Aces
For 15 minutes, any player receiving a black ace in their first two cards will have the option to discard the other card to try to improve their hand.  If the player receives a ten value card, the blackjack will be paid 3:2.  Otherwise, the game operates as normal.

Twenty/Twenty-One Kill 
For 15 minutes, the dealer must hit 20 and 21.

Seven in the Field
For 15 minutes, seven will be included in the field.

Two Ball Roulette
After the ball has landed, we will mark the number, take the ball out of the wheel, spin again and mark another number, also.  All affected winners will be paid.

No Loser Roulette
If the ball lands on a number where there are few or no winners; we cancel the spin and spin again.  All bets are imprisoned, and no additional wagering is allowed.  If there are any winners on the canceled spin, we will pay them and then spin again.

Mystery Dealer
All players at the selected table will be involved in a bonus promotion for that table only.  The dealer will immediately shuffle and expose the first two cards from the shoe.  The two cards will become the bonus cards for the next ten rounds.  If that particular card suited comes out in a hand, everyone at the table is an automatic winner.

Mystery Wednesdays criteria: Must be a Grand Rewards Players Club member. Membership is free. Must be 18 years of age. Must be present to win. Winner is responsible for taxes on cumulative annual wins $600 and over. Winners are subject to all applicable tax laws. No alternate prize will be provided. Fraudulent use of a GTR&C Players Club card may result in forfeit of discounts, points, drawing entries, and/or other benefits. If a guest’s Players Club card is active at a casino other than where the drawing is taking place, that player may be automatically disqualified. Promotional properties considered to be tampered with will be removed and/or replaced. Employees of Grand Traverse Resort & Casino are not eligible. Please see Players Club for promotional rules and details. Management reserves the right to alter or withdraw promotion at any time.