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Casino Games for Every Player 

Your table awaits. 

Winning is just the beginning – our 56,000 square foot gaming playground offers slots and casino table games 24/7 (excluding poker).

Our friendly, professional dealers await your play with all of your favorite table games including Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps.  We also feature these games in an electronic format, along with Baccarat, for a play-at-your-own-pace good time.   

Get your game on with 1,200 slot machines and a wide array of options from reels and keno to video poker. Check out the hottest new games and enjoy all your favorites.  

Discover why Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel is Northern Michigan’s casino of choice.


  • table games

    Black Jack

    $3 – $100
    $5 – $200
    $25 – $500

    Other limits available upon request.


    • Pay Table
    • 1. Players may play up to two hands, provided that they double the table minimum on both hands.
    • 2. A player can surrender their hand after the dealer checks for Blackjack and prior to making taking action on their hand. The dealer will take half of the players bet.
    • 3. Hand signals are required from the player on whether they would like to take a hit (take an additional card) or stand (take no more cards).
    • 4. Dealer will hit soft 17.
    • 5. A player may double down on any first two cards.
    • 6. A player may double for less, but must be at least the table minimum.
    • 7. Players may split two cards if they are of the same value (not to exceed 4 hands-3 splits).
    • 8. Any ten valued card may be split (i.e. Jack and King, 10 and Queen, etc.).
    • 9. Aces can be split one time only. After splitting, players may double down to receive another card.
    • 10. Insurance pays 2 to 1.
    • 11. A player may insure for less.
    • 12. Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
    • 13. For $25 min. or higher: Dealer stands on all 17, No mid shoe entry, Surrender not allowed
  • Roulette

    Inside: – $1 – $25
    Outside: – $1 – $500  


    • Roulette RULES
    • A. Pays 35 to 1. Straight up bet. Any 1 number.
    • B. Pays 17 to 1. Split bet. 2 numbers.
    • C. Pays 8 to 1. Corner bet. 4 numbers.
    • D. Pays 11 to 1. Street bet. 3 numbers
    • E. Pays 6 to 1. First 5 bet. 5 numbers.
    • F. Pays 5 to 1. Six way bet. 6 numbers.
    • G. Pays 1 to 1. Outside bet. 18 numbers.
    • H. Pays 2 to 1. Dozen bet. 12 numbers.
    • I. Pays 2 to 1. Row bet. 12 numbers.
    • Place your bets on your numbers. Betting is closed once the dealer waves off “No More Bets”. No more bets will be accepted after this motion.

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